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Koltsov’s FSC
  1. What is Koltsov’s FSC?

   The Functional State Corrector (the Koltsov’s FSC) — an energy information device that affects the body fluids by recording healing information. Information is transferred via longitudinal waves. 

  1. What information is recorded on the correctors?

   Correctors contains information recorded from different objects: medicinal plants, minerals, sources from places of power, channels and more that have a positive impact on human body.

  1. Which one of FSC’s protects from electromagnetic radiation?

   Any corrector protects from electromagnetic radiation produced by different household appliances.

  1. Why we should use the FSC «Phone protection» and not any other corrector to protect ourselves from cell phone radiation?

   FSC «Phone protection» has a special program of neutralization of cell phone radiation.

  1. Where the FSC can be applied?

   There are 3 principal lines of applying correctors:

  • Water structuring. Put the clear container with water on the corrector. The structuring time can be found on the certificate to the corrector. Then drink this water in amounts of 30 mg per one kilogram of body weight.
  • Hold the corrector close to a specific organ or organ system. For example, the FSC No.1 is recommended to be placed primarily to the gastrointestinal tract region.
  • Pumping of human energy centers. There are special pumping methods that allow to activate energy centers, thus resulting in improved organs and organs system.
  1. Which FSC plates should a beginner start with?

    The general guidelines for correctors says that work on FSCs should be started with basic blue series No. 1 and No. 2. FSC No.1 includes antiparasitic function, and FSC No.2 removes waste and toxins from the body. First, use only No. 2 for two weeks, if you are over 40 years old.   These two correctors will cleanse the body of parasites, toxins, which will allow to use FSCc of other series much more effective. Recently, there is a tendency to use FSC No. 20  jointly with FSCs No.2 and No.1. The FSC No. 20 cleanse the delicate human plan of energy information parasites, which are in almost every person.

  1. Can I use FSCs during pregnancy?

   It is not recommended to closely use FSCs during pregnancy. You can drink structured water and pump energy centers.

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  1. Can I use FSCs on babies?

   Yes, we created the FSC «Healthy generation» for babies. Recommended to both mother and child.

  1. What kind of plate you use for pumping of chakras?

  Any of 2 correctors, if we are talking about the classic pumping.

  1. Which correctors are called basic?

   The basic FSCs  are the one that belong to blue series No. 1,2,3,4,5.

  1. Can correctors treat you?

   No. Correctors are preventive devices. More details can be found on the official website of the Koltsov’s FSC.

  1. How to use basic FSCs?

   In the first 2 weeks, it is recommended to wear in the gastrointestinal tract region and drink structured water with the FSC No. 2 in the beginning. Next, wear FSC No. 1 in the morning and until 16:00 in the gastrointestinal tract region. Wear FSC No.2 after 16:00 to remove waste and toxins. Wear FSC No.3 (female urogenital system) or No.4 (male urogenital system) before bed below the belly button. The FSC No.5 is recommended to be used closely in the liver region. It should be noted that you should drink structured water from the same FSC that you wear.

  1. How to protect yourself from Wi-Fi ?

  FSC No.16 should be placed next to the router.

  1. How to quickly make a structured water?

   It should be noted that in passive mode structuring is much slower than in active mode. For example, when you run water into a bath-tub and want to take a bath in structured water, it is enough to hang the FSC on the tap from which water flows.

  1. What is the shelf life of FSC plate?

   Operating components of Koltsov’s FSCs are made of magnetic rubber located on the sides and in the middle of the plate. As long as the components (chips) do not come unglued, destroy and deform, the plate is in working condition. If you use them carefully, the service life of the FSC could be several decades.

  1. How long after structuring the water in the FSC does not lose its properties?

   Water can keep its properties for a long time. That period may be up to one month or more. The container with structured water should be well-mixed, or preferably — tapped against a hard surface before drinking.

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