Corrector of a functional state (CFS)

Corrector of a functional state (CFS), Company Center Region

Corrector of a functional state (CFS), Company Center RegionEtand the article is intendedas for beginners proofreaders functional state  Koltsov (CFS). Primarily here You will find the answer to the question, what is CFS In the early stages of applying CFS is difficult to understand and to identify the main in the diversity of presented information from the Company Center Region, so it contains the bare minimum of advice and rules by which the use of the instrument will allow to achieve the best results.

The principle of operation

Proofreaders functional state Koltsov (Koltsov’s CFS) is a device, which are the direct effects of longitudinal waves and of the information recorded on the plate produces the natural recovery functions of the cells of people, animals, etc. Waves are carriers of information, they pass it with a certain intensity, frequency and other characteristics. On each plate is recorded various information, which is designed for multiple impact areas, from the normalization of work of organs, systems, mental activity and until the development of human consciousness.

Corrector of a functional state (CFS). What is CFS

CFS consists of two externalx plates, prepared from a magnetic plastic, not containing in its composition of toxic materials. Geometricparameters 78х55 mm.. In the middle and the corners proofreaders are five identical device parameters 14х19,5 mm, made in the form of a four-layer plates of rectangular shape, made of high quality magnetic rubber, 25 mm to 0, 4 mm Internal component of eachof the firstfour layers are made in accordance with patents No. 2214843 and No. 2262361. The plate is placed in a housing of ABS plastic stamps 750A.

The direction of the impact

Two main areas of action of the device of Koltsov’s CFS:

  1. Neutralization of electromagnetic waves. Transformirovalsya transverse waves in longitudinal waves, which Nature itself and is a natural attribute of all living systems. Now you do not fear radiation cell phones, microwave ovens, electrical appliances and other sources.Present at each corrector;
  2. Structuring aquatic environments. The entry to water of different beneficial information that creates a harmonious symmetrical shape of the crystals. The crystals are not in mutilated form as before, and in a perfect symmetrical form have a healing effect on the cell. As proven by both laboratory and clinical studies. It should be noted that each corrector has its own information component.

Methods of application:It is possible to allocate 5 basic ways of using Koltsov’s CFS’s.

  • The use of structured water inside.
  • Taking a shower, a bath with structured water.
  • Pumping two or more plates of energy centres.
  • Protection from electromagnetic radiation.

Varieties of plates CFS Koltsov

Plate CFS Koltsov are divided into the following varieties:

  1. The blue series is a series where the information component are polarization (recording) of various herbs, minerals and channels.Designed for the recovery primarily of the physical body.
  2. Green series is a series, where are the informational component of polarization with field strength, as well as channels. Intended to carry the features and characteristics of informational and energetic component from the field strength.
  3. Lilac series is a series of informational component of which is the cosmic energy channels, which allows not only to improve the physical, psychological state, but also to give a powerful protection for the person against adverse external factors.
  4. Gold series — information component of this series are Mayan channels, which allow you to disband the various negative programs, known as the evil eye, curses, brainwashing, and more.
  5. Exclusive CFS is proofreaders, which were not included in the series. Each of these correctors has unique informational characteristics.

The base CFS

For novice users, to avoid any confusion, we give a brief description only base CFS. They got this name, because after only a few months of implementation, according to doctors, it makes sense to try other CFS series:

  1. CFS№1 — has an antiparasitic, and restorative characteristics.
  2. CFS№2 — has the properties of removing toxins from the human body.
  3. CFS№3 — is a fat burner, normalizes functions of the urogenital system in women.
  4. CFS№4 — fat burner is a fat, normalizes functions of the urogenital system in men.
  5. CFS№5 — rehabilitation restores liver tissue, pancreas, spleen and other organs.

kfs1.kfs2KFS 3 smallKFS 4 smallKFS 5 small

The use of base correctors
  1. First 2 weeks advised to drink water and to wear in the abdominal area only CFS№2 (detox).
  2. Next, attach from morning till 16-00 KFS number 1 (antiparasitic), after 16-00 drink water and carry on the belly CFS№2 (detox).
  3. At night under the navel, it is recommended to apply the CFS№3 (fat burner for women) or CFS№4 (fat burner for men).
  4. On the night of the projection of the liver is recommended to apply CFS number 5 (rehabilitation).
  5. It is not recommended to wear multiple CFS simultaneously.
  6. Recommended while wearing on itself a certain number of CFS, drink from the same water room.
  7. For effective work of the correctors in the daily rate of water consumed should be 30 mg/kg of body weight.

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